B2B Agro Livestock Surveyors

SECP approved insurance surveyors, valuators and loss adjusters for Agriculture & Livestock.

Livestock risk inspection, livestock identification, livestock tagging and livestock postmortem to determine the proximate cause of death of the insured animal.

Agricultural survey, verification of cultivated crops, crop loss assessment, multi-peril crop risk inspection, CLIS, AYII, crops data (weather & yield), stats & risk analysis.

Pre & post insurance inspections, pre & post loan disbursement services.

ایگرو لائیواسٹاک سرویئرز B2B

زراعت (فصلوں) اور لائیواسٹاک (مویشی) انشورنس کے منظورشدہ سرویئرز، ویلیویٹرز اور کلیم ایڈجسٹرز

B2B Agro Livestock Surveyors

B2B Agro Livestock Surveyors (Pvt.) Ltd. was formed in 2018 with the vision to facilitate conventional and takaful insurance companies in the sectors of Agriculture and Livestock. Pakistan has agro based economy, agriculture and livestock account 21% of the GDP, absorb around 45% of the total workforce and about 70% of the population is related to these sectors. These are also important sources of foreign exchange earnings and stimulate growth in other sectors by providing raw materials to many industries. To make a contribution to the development of these important sectors, B2B Surveyors has aligned its services to the needs of conventional and Islamic insurance companies, financial institutions, banks including microfinance banks & institutions, NGOs and rural support programs since its humble inception.

زراعت (فصلوں) اور لائیواسٹاک (مویشی) کے شعبوں میں روایتی اور تکافل انشورنس کمپنیوں کو سہولیات فراہم کرنے کے وژن کے ساتھ سال 2018 میں کمپنی قائم کی گئی تھی۔ پاکستان کی معیشت زراعت پر مبنی ہے، زراعت اور لائیو سٹاک جی ڈی پی کا 21 فیصد حصہ ہے، جو کل افرادی قوت کا تقریباً 45 فیصد ہے اور تقریباً 70 فیصد آبادی ان شعبوں سے وابستہ ہے۔ یہ زرمبادلہ کمانے کے بھی اہم ذرائع ہیں اور دیگر شعبوں میں ترقی کو تحریک دیتے ہیں اور بہت سی صنعتوں کو خام مال فراہم کرتے ہیں۔ ان اہم شعبوں کی ترقی میں اپنا حصہ ڈالنے کے لیے کمپنی نے اپنی خدمات کو روایتی اور اسلامی انشورنس کمپنیوں، مالیاتی اداروں، بینکوں بشمول مائیکرو فنانس بینکوں اور اداروں، این جی اوز اور دیہی سپورٹ پروگراموں کی ضرورتوں کے مطابق آغاز سے ہی ہم آہنگ کیا ہے۔


B2B Agro Livestock Surveyors offers total solutions to conventional and takaful insurance companies for livestock risk inspection, identification, tagging, market price assessment and livestock loss adjustment. B2B Surveyors has a very strong footing in regional and rural areas across Pakistan to meet the needs of valued customers. The company has a broad network of registered veterinary doctors & technicians to conduct health inspections within the 24-hrs turnaround time (TAT) and postmortem of died insured/covered animals within 8-hrs TAT. B2B Surveyors also provide secure access to the web portal to view and download inspection reports, inspection/tagging photographs and postmortem pictures. The company offers the following products & services,


B2B Agro Livestock Surveyors offers a wide range of agricultural services to conventional and takaful insurance companies, the company is facilitating crop Insurers to assess the actual crop loss on the occurrence of fortuitous events. B2B Surveyors also provides secure access to its web application to view and download the reports and crop (field) pictures. The company offers the following agriculture services,


B2B Enterprises (Pvt.) Ltd. helps businesses to reduce production costs to maximize profitability. B2B Enterprises has a broad network of consultants and advisors to get quality products (including livestock tags) & services at market-competitive prices.



Pakistan is the 4th largest milk producer and has the 2nd largest population of buffalo in the world.

The Livestock sector is an economic engine for poverty alleviation, a major source of income in rural areas, 75% of the rural area population directly or indirectly is employed by this sector.

Considering the importance of this sector, B2B Surveyors offers a wide range of livestock services to conventional and takaful insurance companies.

In the year 2013, the State Bank of Pakistan circulated the Livestock Loan Insurance Scheme for Borrowers to improve access to finance to the livestock & dairy sector and to mitigate the risk of loss of livestock.

B2B Agro Livestock Surveyors is facilitating banks and insurance companies to comply with the guidelines and SOPs of the SBP.

Over the past years, B2B Surveyors has proved itself as the leading third party for livestock inspection, tagging, health fitness certificate and livestock claims assessment/postmortem

Since inception, B2B Surveyors has inspected and tagged over 330,056 (as of 21/01/2023) large animals (cow, buffalo, bull) in regional and rural areas across the country with less than 24-hrs turnaround time (TAT).

It is always challenging to carry out inspection and tagging of animals in widely dispersed rural areas in a short period of time when long distances are to travel to reach farmers.

B2B Agro Livestock Surveyors has a broad network of trained livestock tagging staff across the country and fully equipped back offices with skilled and experienced staff for prompt quality services to valued customers.

B2B Agro Livestock Surveyors has a modern database management system to store and retrieve livestock tagging, inspection reports and pictures.



Pakistan is an agrarian country and one of the largest overall farming countries in the world. Agriculture sector feeds the whole rural and urban population. Realizing its importance, planners and policymakers are always keen to have reliable area and production statistics for agricultural crops. The most important crops are Wheat, Sugarcane, Cotton, Rice and Maize, which together account for more than 78% of the value of total crop output.

In the year 2008, the State Bank of Pakistan initiated the Crop Loan Insurance Scheme (CLIS) to improve access to finance for the agriculture sector and to mitigate the risk of loss of crops. The State Bank of Pakistan sets annual credit disbursement targets for financial institutions each year. Over 48 financial institutions are financing for agriculture and around 15 insurance companies are providing insurance coverage. Area Yield Index Insurance (AYII) was also introduced in Punjab in the year 2017 with the collaboration of the World Bank.

B2B Agro Livestock Surveyors is facilitating banks and insurance companies to manage the risk effectively & profitably and comply with the guidelines and SOPs of the SBP regarding crop loan insurance scheme. Over the past years, B2B Surveyors have provided services for the collection of crop data, rainfall data, analysis and preparation statistics, crop yield estimation, verifications of crop cultivation, crop loss assessments, especially during floods.

About Us


B2B Agro Livestock Surveyors (Pvt.) Ltd. is an emerging insurance surveyor company that provides a full range of agriculture and livestock services to insurance companies. Our team has over 15 years of experience in Agriculture and Livestock insurance schemes, Crop Loan Insurance Scheme (CLIS), Livestock Insurance Scheme for Borrowers (LISB), Area Yield Index Insurance (AYII) and assessment of insurance claims. The B2B has signed MOUs with the leading insurance companies for risk inspections and assessment of losses.

بی ٹو بی ایگرو لائیواسٹاک سرویئرز (پرائیویٹ) لمیٹڈ ایک ابھرتی ہوئی انشورنس سرویئر کمپنی ہے جو انشورنس کمپنیوں کو زراعت اور مویشیوں کی خدمات کی مکمل رینج فراہم کرتی ہے۔ ہماری ٹیم کو زراعت اور لائیو اسٹاک انشورنس سکیموں، فصلوں کے قرض کی انشورنس سکیم، لائیو سٹاک کے قرض کی انشورنس سکیم، ایریا یلڈ انڈیکس انشورنس اور بیمہ کے کلیم کے تخمینہ اور ایڈجسٹمنٹ میں 15 سال سے زیادہ کا تجربہ ہے۔ بی ٹو بی نے ممکنہ نقصان کے خدشہ کے معائنہ اور نقصانات کی تشخیص اور تصفیہ کے لیے معروف انشورنس کمپنیوں کے ساتھ معاہدوں پر دستخط کیے ہیں۔


B2B Agro Livestock Surveyors (Pvt.) Ltd. has over 5 years of in-depth field experience in livestock inspection and tagging with many insurance companies including takaful operators. B2B Agro Livestock Surveyors has experienced and trained livestock inspectors to conduct inspections within 24 hours turnaround time (TAT) across Pakistan. We are experts in conducting crops (Wheat, Rice, Sugarcane, Maize, Cotton etc.) and livestock inspections, our expertise in the valuation of agriculture and livestock risks is well recognized by insurance and financial institutions.

بی ٹو بی ایگرو لائیواسٹاک سرویئرز (پرائیویٹ) لمیٹڈ کے پاس کئی انشورنس کمپنیوں بشمول تکافل آپریٹرز کے ساتھ مویشیوں کے معائنہ کا 5 سال سے زیادہ کا تجربہ ہے۔ بی ٹو بی ایگرو لائیو اسٹاک سرویئرز کے پینل پر تجربہ کار اور تربیت یافتہ ویٹرنری ڈاکٹر اور تکنیکی ماہرین ہیں جو پورے پاکستان میں 24 گھنٹہ کے اندر اندر جانوروں کا معائنہ کرنے کی اہلیت رکھتے ہیں۔ ۔ ہم فصلوں (گندم، چاول، گنا، مکئی، کپاس وغیرہ) اور مویشیوں کے معائنے کے ماہر ہیں، فصلوں اور مویشیوں کے خطرات کی تشخیص میں ہماری پیشہ ورانہ مہارت کو انشورنس کمپنیاں اور مالیاتی ادارے تسلیم کرتے ہیں۔


We will always endeavor to meet the requirements of our insurance partners by providing premium quality services at competitive prices. We will continuously improve our established systems and procedures in accordance with international best practices and continue to comply with all applicable laws and regulations pertaining to our business activities.

We will continuously invest in processes, new technology and people to enhance customer satisfaction. Customer service and satisfaction is our top priority.

Chief Executive Officer


We will always endeavor to comply with the international, national environmental legislative, regulations and will protect the environment from pollution.

Our prime objective is to provide surveyors services to achieve established targets by continual improvement of environmental conditions for all the living things.

Chief Executive Officer



"Our Aspirations" mean not only to meet the needs of insurance companies but also to provide them with a new value that exceeds their expectations. " Meeting needs - Exceeding Expectations" is our vision for the future.


We are passionate to lead the industry and committed to the successful delivery of solutions that add value to the unique processes of our valued insurance partners and facilitate them to win the challenges.



We believe businesses grow better with satisfied customers and fulfilling commitments.


We uphold the highest standards of integrity in all of our actions.


We are personally accountable for delivering on our commitments.


We respect our insurance partners, encourage our team and reward their performance.


We exhibit a strong will to win in the marketplace and in every aspect of our business.


Join us to reach your true potential

Position Required Education & Experience
Veterinary Doctor

Education: DVM
Experience: 5 years (Min.)
Job location(s): Mingora Swat, Nowshera, Sharaqpur Sharif, More Khunda, Manga Mandi and Pattoki
Description: Health inspection, identification, tagging and valuation of animals in rural areas (cities mentioned above).

ویٹرنری ڈاکٹر

Education: ویٹرنری میڈیسن میں گریجویٹ
Experience: 5 سال
Job location(s): مینگورہ سوات، نوشہرہ، شرقپور شریف، موڑ کھنڈہ، مانگا منڈی اور پتوکی
Description: دیہی علاقوں میں جانوروں کی صحت کا معائنہ، شناخت، ٹیگنگ اور مارکیٹ میں قیمت کا تعین


To apply, please email your updated resume at: info@b2bsurveyors.com


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Islamabad - 44000, Pakistan


+92 334 4067624


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